Lille European Summer Programme

24 mai - 6 juin
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LILLE – « Learn In Lille, Live Europe » – combines a variety of innovative, student-centered academic programs at the Université Catholique de Lille , tailored to meet different academic needs and schedules, and to offer a welcoming environment and excellent study/life balance.

The Faculté de Théologie is taking part, offering the course :

« The Contentious Relationship between Science and Religion: Historical, Theological, Methodological and Ethical Perspectives »

This course shall explore the relationship between science and religion in the West, including the mutual implications, the places where developments in one may benefit the other, and the possibility that the two can be harmonized. We will explore the relationship between scientific and theological methods and modes of knowledge, and considers some of the central topics of Christian theology in the light of modern scientific evidence and theories.


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24 mai
Fin :
6 juin
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